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What happened when the Estonians visited Germany

After having waited for almost two months, we were genuinely excited to see our Estonian exchange students again. Only this time it was our goal to make our friends familiar with our German culture.

Even if we already knew each other, we were not that nervous to see meet again, but really excited when we welcomed our exchange students on Friday, November 29. We had a lot to talk about as they spoke about their journey to Germany. However, on Saturday morning we had to get up early to get to the train station. First stop: Johanngeorgenstadt in the Ore Mountains. There we visited a typical mine which was guided by a traditional miner. The mine was situated near the border of Germany and the Czech Republic, therefore we adventurously switched between both countries to find a place to eat. After having succeeded in this task, we travelled by train to Schwarzenberg. In this city we visited the castle and produced our own little tin figures. Relaxing a little, we used our free time there to stroll over the local Christmas market. After having arrived back at school, we all came together with parents and siblings to eat pizza and sweets. We finished an amazing day filled with experiences by laughing with and talking to each other.

Ice skating, visiting Leipzig, museums and Christmas markets, all was available on Sunday, the family day. This day offered the chance to bond even more and strengthen our friendships.

Our second big trip was to the capital of Saxony, Dresden. As we did not let our good moods be brought down by the cold and windy weather, we enjoyed the little tour through the heart of the old town which took us to the “Hofkirche”, the “Zwinger” and the “Frauenkirche”. This little tour was professionally and enthusiastically given by two of our German students. Following this, we were glad to have the opportunity to have free time that, we did some shopping. Now that we were all starving and craving for lunch, the biggest adventure of that day awaited us: THE ROLLER COASTER RESTAURANT. The food there was served in little pots on rails, running down the rails doing loopings and crazy turnings. Even though we were overcome by tiredness, we visited the “Militärhistorisches Museum”, dealing with war, the army and military strategies. After having such an eventful day, we went back home with our cosy bus.

On Tuesday, we slowed things down a bit. In the morning, we showed our Estonian guests around our school and some noteworthy rooms like the art room, the library or the music room. Having eaten a delicious lunch in our school canteen, we went by bus to the “Fundora” in Schneeberg. This is an indoor playground but not only for small children – we had lots of fun there together while playing laser tag, jumping around on trampolines and climbing. Therefore, we were all exhausted and tired at the end of the day as we fell into our beds.

However, the next morning came around and after we all got together in school again, we started our journey in our cosy bus in the direction of Crottendorf. There we visited the manufacture producing scented candles and even had the opportunity to make our own ones. Those portray a perfect Christmas gift for parents or grandparents, so we had one problem less to worry about. While having a good lunch at the “Gasthaus Bergamt” in Annaberg we had time to talk about our new experiences that we already had. Saturated and wrapped warmly in scarves and hats, we had a little bit of time on the local Christmas market before we went to the “Manufaktur der Träume”. In this museum we learned a lot about the traditional handicrafts in the region of the Ore Mountains. After that, we strolled around the Christmas market again where we ate some warm sweets and drank “Kinderpunsch”. Cold but happy we got on the bus again later and went back to Kirchberg where our parents already awaited us. During the one and a half hour drive we gradually realized that the end of the last day was drawing closer.

After having enjoyed our last evening together, we met on Thursday morning at school to finally say goodbye. Goodbye to the ones that we connected so dearly to in the week we spent together, goodbye to the new friends we have made and who we will forever cherish in our hearts.

Lena Elstner, Maren Baumann

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Here you can see a selection of pictures we took when the Estonians visited us:

A map of the places we visited in Saxony