Estonian Art Work – an exhibition in our school in Kirchberg, Saxony

During our first mobility in Estonia one of the teachers involved had this wonderful idea to exchange not only students but also works of art created by talented students from both countries.

No sooner said than done. When Kristel and Ilvy visited our mountainous region in May 2019, they brought some works with them. All of them were created by Kadri Kalve, an enormously talented and ambitious young woman.

Here you can see photos of these works of art presented in our school gallery.

Kadri wrote the following lines to explain her intentions:

Hello from Estonia! My name is Kadri Kalve. I am 18 years old and fort he last fifteen years I have been occupying my time with drawing, painting and creating. All of my works are fantasy centred, mostly featuring characters from my own imaginary world.

I have been drawn to everything mythical and magical for as long as I can remember. It is something that will always make my eyes shine and heart beat faster. As a kid I liked to play that I’m a pirate or dragon rider or a powerful witch and I guess that in my heart I never stopped playing those games. Instead I found a way how to interwine this love for paranormal into my everyday life. Furthermore, in the last two years I also decided to start writing so I could properly tell all those stories about my fantasy worlds and now I am near to finishing my first book.

The works which are now presented here are illustration to a short story I wrote back in 2017 titled “Neighbours amidst the woods“. It is a story about the Brook family who move tot he countryside of Estonia. Two brothers, Ryan and Brandon, and their grandmother Ludmilla inhabit an old house and soon discover they have rather particular neighbours. One oft hem being a bit passive-aggressive yet very kind with Neeva Ubin and the other an immortal mythological creature called the soul eater who goes by the name Reus Purask and also has, as a result of a rather well-executed curse, neon pink hair. Furthermore, the odd company of newly acquainted neighbours soon discover that the dreams oft he older Brook brother Ryan are plagued by a semi-dead forest god.

This set of illustration consist altogether of four works: “Nõid“ (“Witch“), “Ryan“, “Brandon“ and “Hingeogija“ (“The soul eater“). The painters were made using watercolours and black ink pen. Each piece took around a week to create. The fourth painting “Nõid“ is unfortunately still in Estonia but it can be found on my Instagram.

Altogether, I send my warmest welcomes from Estonia. I hope every single one of you finds a bit of magic in your day and takes the time off to dream.

For more works check out my Instagram: @dwarftyrant

When our students stroll around the school building they often pass by this cute gallery. Here you can read a few opinions about the drawings.

“When I first saw the exhibition of paintings from one of the Estonian exchange students, I was very excited. The precise use of colours creates a sentimental atmosphere which drags you into the world of the characters. Above all, I love the mystical and diverse characters she draws using different art techniques and it’s remarkable how they seem to tell their own stories.“

Luca Friedrich, class 12

“The exhibited works by Estonian student Kadri Kalve stand out in our school art gallery. Her choice of colors, the magical figures plus her use of light and shade give proof of a great interest in art. It seems as if Kadri Kalve devotes much of her time to mastering different art techniques, particularly water coloring and ink pen drawing.“

Ms. Schiller, art teacher