Estonian teachers get to know our school and region

After a period of just email and paperwork it was time within our Erasmus programme exchange for a second face to face meeting of the two participants.

From 30th April till 4th May the two Estonian coordinators Ilvi Suislepp and Kristel  Uiboupin came to our grammar school to get to know the school and its students as well as getting an insight into the traditions and customs of our mountainous region. As our project focuses on the region “Erzgebirge” we organized several trips to the old mining towns Schneeberg, Annaberg and Schwarzenberg that represent the cultural heritage of mining at its best.

In museums and exhibitions we gained knowledge of  mining jobs and typical traditions such as wooden handicrafts or lace making. As these habits are still up to date both teachers experienced them by having own attempts or just watching experts doing the job.

In several project sessions  with all the responsible German and Estonian teachers, students who are going to fly to Kanepi in September, introduced themselves or offered tours around our  school and answered questions.

During our stay in Estonia we recognized similarities with special business courses that are offered at both schools. Our school company representatives outlined their business plans and spoke about difficulties in realizing their ideas.  An art exhibition, as a new idea of the project, was born during our stay in Estonia.  We included that as a part in our mobility. Several students’ works of art will be exhibited  in the hall of our school building within the next weeks. The artists wrote about their motivation and motives behind their paintings. Some German students spoke about their pieces of art and different techniques that they applied. A self-created English video clip of a group of 8th graders rounded off the presentations.

Preparing the next steps such as a video conference with the potential candidates and the field trips we did a lot of organizational work as well.

Interesting meetings with the local mayor of Kirchberg, Mrs Obst, and the authorities of the  local Home Club were on our agenda too. The pupils were involved in an interview and a photo session with the local newspaper.

Not to forget the countless discussions  throughout the days that broadened our horizons and gave an insight into many different spheres of school and social life that make any project to an enriching experience.

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