School exchange with Estonian school is ready and waiting

After plenty of written applications including all imaginary ideas of the project at first, the long planned school exchange was set in motion from 4th to 8th February.

Mr Bachmann, Ms Pechmann and Ms Martin took a flight from Berlin to Riga and went by car through the snow-covered sceneries of Latvia and Estonia for visiting the grammar school in Kanepi. This is our partner in the ERASMUS school exchange programme and it is situated in the South East of Estonia.

Everything started with sending lots of mails, so that a first meeting could be arranged. Our teachers were welcomed very warmly in Estonia. Immediately, Mr Bachmann, Ms Pechmann and Ms Martin got along well with the Estonian teachers and their students. They got into contact very fast and had numerous conversations about the differences between the two schools and what they have in common.

Estonian junior companies presented their products and business concepts to our teachers. Talented young artists introduced their different work af arts. And Mr Bachmann, Ms Pechmann and Ms Martin were especially surprised by some particular offers at the Kanepi school: both lunch and bus service are for free. Furthermore, pupils can take the opportunity of doing their driving liscense at school, without having to pay anything.

Additionally, the following project steps were determined by the Estonian and German teachers:

A first big highlight of the project is planned for September this year when a small group of German students and teachers is going to visit Kanepi. Later in December we want to enchant Estonian students and teachers with the typical, magnificient atmosphere of our region during the Advent season.

The most present event will be the visit of two Estonian teachers to Kirchberg at the beginning of May, when further details will be discussed.

The opportunity for doing this project results from the financial support by the ERASMUS-programme “Strategische Schulpartnerschaften KA2“ of the European Union.

Pauline Peters by order of Ms Pechmann and Ms Martin

Our Estonian partner school – Kanepi Gümnaasium:

Visit in Kanepi’s townhall – from left to right: S. Martin, M. Pechmann, 2 employees of public administration, Kristel (ERASMUS-Coordinator und physics teacher at Kanepi-Gümnaasium), principal G. Bachmann, Merike (an English teacher at Kanepi-Gümnaasium)
Kanepi means Cannabis – the Cannabis leaf represents the town and the region and is used for advertisement and marketing of regional products.

Our ERASMUS Partner School in Kanepi, Estonia – about 200 Students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 attend this school in a rather rural area.

Ere (teacher for English, PE und inclusion) is giving a presentation on the Estonian system of education – communication there works mainly in English, sometimes in German and just rarely in Russian

it was winter and it was cold – it’s not easy to find people here

Estonia – a proud, European country at the Russian border

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